Murdoch’s Photo Diary

Our friends at the daily Kaler Kantho did a little story about our week working with them. We’re confident of the spelling of our names in Bengali.

This is one of my award winning editorials… The Vriend Case

Caption: “1993, learning to combine being Dad with being the editor-in-chief. That little girl grew up and is now our web master. ❤️
Covering a tragedy, 1977

This is how we met, covering a horrible news event. A jail fire in Saint John, New Brunswick, killed 21. We were early in our careers, working at the Toronto Star. That day, Murdoch was an overnight “rewrite desk” reporter, Michael an editor on the national desk. The Star newsroom had about 500 people, and we mostly worked in different bureaus or different shifts and had never met.
When the news broke around midnight, Murdoch made calls to the city, to get ahead of the news wires, as was always the Star’s ambition. Michael handled the copy. As the scope of the tragedy grew, the editor in charge told Murdoch to charter a jet to get a Star crew to the site in time to file for the coming first edition and several later ones (it was an afternoon paper back then.)
At about 2 a.m. this Lear jet flew us the two and a half hours to Saint John. Famed Star photographer Boris Spremo snapped this photo on arrival while we awaited a taxi and then got busy digging. Several days later we flew home on commercial planes.
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